New times for the truffle

The truffle world has been, for centuries, reserved only to old-fashioned truffle hunters. Their secrets and ancestral rituals passed from parents to sons, who saved them hermetically. Fortunately, nowadays, things are changing and young truffle hunters like us work to bring the truffle culture and gastronomy closer to all lovers of this very special fungus.
We are still truffle hunting the way it has always been done, respecting the forest and its rhythms, following the same steps as our ancestors, but understanding that the future of the wild truffle happens by opening it to the new times.

The four of us

We are a team: Santi, Albert and our border collies, Nina and Guinness, who we have tamed through time and lots of pacience.
We have been truffle hunting for more than 10 years. We learned the mysteries of this trade from two expert truffle hunters, who thought us how to read the signs the woods give us and how to make the dogs get all the way to the truffle which the soil hides.
It’s a pleasure, and also a big responsibility, to come with you in the discovery of this truffle universe which we love and respect so much.

From the market to the plate

Aside from being able to live the truffle experience with us, during the winter truffle season you can find us at the Vic market every Saturday.
There we will offer you the wild truffles we hunt, not any other but our own! And we also offer a selection of truffled products which trusted artisan producers make exclusively for Temps de tòfona: truffle cheese, ecologic truffled bread as well as some truffled cold cuts. We also offer you free range truffled hen eggs.
We invite you to visit us any time you feel like it, to look around, shop or just to have a chat with us about the truffle and its world.

The black diamond of the kitchen

"It’s alive before the plate. It’s born underground, in a mysterious aura which makes its harvesting difficult, subject to the weather changes, and mainly, to the soil which gives birth to it, as generous and feral, depending on how those who step on it treat it, they care for it or mistreat it.The truffle hunter who looks ahead to the future has a lot to say about it. They take care of the truffle coming out of its hiding place, take care of the soil, in the woods or in the fields, and exhibit good practices. The truffle hunter, master of a trade which has the benefit of taking care of nature, suffers and enjoys sharing loneliness with its loyal companion, the dog. All my love and support for those who care for the quality of the truffle in Osona, keeping its standards very high, getting it close to cooks, gourmets and foodies."

Pep Palau, gourmet

Osona, truffle territory

The woods where we hunt - and find - truffles, are in the Osona county (Barcelona), in the heart of Central Catalonia. For centuries, black truffles as well as white have been really appreciated for the quality of its flavor and aroma. It’s humid holm oak and oak forests, its calcareous soils, its vegetation and peculiar weather in the county, make it possible for this fungus to ripen in the most optimus conditions. We live in a priviledge territory! All this gives Osona a great truffle tradition. It is lots of us who by hunting, cooking, studying and tasting them keep the essence of our trade alive.