General Conditions
Shopping and selling general conditions in Temps de tòfona´s shop which can be accessed through the website

Within this document the general conditions are established for the contractual relation which has purchase and sale of products from Temps de tòfona as an objecitive, with address in Ferran Alsina, 7 and social address in Ferran Alsina, 7 08510 Roda de Ter, with ID 33943489C and represented by Albert Boixader Faja with ID 33943489, by physical and/or juridic persons (mentioned as OWNER) who manifests its will of buying the product and services which can be found in the web through the request done via internet through this website. These requests from the users constitute the specific conditions to which the present general conditions are associated which the BUYER has to necessarily accept telemathically with previous character to the purchase of the product. The buyer is presented throught the web page with the present conditions, so he can read, print, file and accept, the BUYER not being able to buy the product without accepting these conditions.

The CLIENT will always have these general conditions available in a visible place in the web. The current general conditions together with a request of specific products made by the BUYER - specific conditions- imply the formalization of the contract of purchase and sale between the OWNER and the BUYER who states having read, understood and accepted the present conditions.

With the current contract the owner commits to delivering the BUYER the products requested through the website in exchange for a specific price.

2.1. Product delivery.- THE OWNER commits to delivering the product in perfect state to the address which the BUYER establishes in the order form where the specific conditions are shown which are connected to the general current conditions. The OWNER will not be responsible for mistakes made during the delivery when the information given by the BUYER in the order form are not real or are omitted. The maximum period for delivering the product is of 10 business days from the day of the ordering, if it´s a national delivery, and 60 business days if it´s an internation shipment, except by causes external to the OWNER.

2.2. OWNER´S responsibilities.- THE OWNER in no case will be responsible for:

2.2.1. The errors, delays to the access by the BUYER when entering their information in the order form, the slowness or impossibility of reception of confirmation of the order by the addressee or any anomaly that can occur when with incident are due to a problem with the internet, or major causes and any other eventuality foreign with the good faith of the company. In any case, the owner commits to solving the problems which can occur and to offer all the necessary support to the BUYER to find a fast and satisfactory solution to the incident.

2.2.2. From the errors and damages produced because of the inefficient used and the bad faith by the OWNER.

2.2.4. THE OWNER has absolute responsibility of the quality of the products admitting returns of this as long as they have defects or don´t make it to the BUYER in a proper state. The owner will take charge, in this case, of the expenses which occur as a consequence of this return as long as the BUYER communicates it within the 24 hour period from the delivery time and the product hasn´t been consumed or altered in any way. THE OWNER is excempt of all responsibilty in relation with the possible breakage or defects of the product which happen after the delivery of the product, likewise, the OWNER will not have any responsibility with those products which have been consumed without any time of incidence by the BUYER who wants to make a complaint. The BUYER, before signing the delivery order will have to check that the product is delivered in perfect state, if conformity is given at the moment of delivery it is understood by both parties that the product has been delivered in perfect state.

The BUYER resigns expressly to complaining to any contractual responsibilty or extracontractual for the possible damage given from the priorly mentioned in this clause. In any case, the responsibility of the OWNER if it fails to carry out what is indicated in this agreement according to the current general conditions will be limited to the refund of the amount the user could have given, always with the return of the product by the BUYER. When concerning experiences, the BUYER will not receive a refund but will be able to modify the selected date, as long as it is within the current truffle season in which the purchase was made (December 1st to March 15th).

3.1. Payment.- The BUYER commits to paying the amount in advance for the requested product in the following way: credit card.

3.1.1. Amount. - The payment of the product effectively requested by the BUYER depending on the requested product will be the assigned in the website and the one requested by the BUYER, requests which will follow the specific conditions of the order.
Temps de tòfona will send within a 20 hour period the confirmation of the order and its total cost. The price of the products on the web always appear with TAX included. The price listed on the website will have an additional delivery charge. The BUYER will receive the order through a logistics operator or transport agency with a maximum delivery period of 72 hours for national deliveries.

3.1.2. Payment options.- The BUYER will have to pay the amount related to the hired service through: credit card. The information will be entered in the payment platform set on our online shop.

Any error or flaw in the sent products will be repaired without any additional cost for the BUYER. No returns will be accepted if the 24 hours period from the delivery hour has passed. Previously, the BUYER will have to contact Temps de tòfona to communicate which has been the flaw and document it with images which prove it. When it is about experiences, the BUYER will not receive a refund, however will be able to change the selected date for the escape, as long as it is within the current truffle season in which the purchase has been made (December 1st to March 15th)